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In Cuba a few months ago. All shot on a Leica MP + 28 Summicron on Pan-F & FP-4 Plus.

Now that Summicron. I shot all of the best Leica glass and you'll never see me write a lens review as I believe in prints revealing the lenses. As I am a film shooter, I give myself as much as 5 years for a lens to impress me and I judge lenses on prints, not on 100% screen views. Some lenses still take time to sing in my prints (24 summilux comes to mind). But this 28 Summicron screams Leica all over the place. I like to look at my prints and know exactly which lens took the shot by its unique characteristics. Some lenses just never fulfill that while some others aer overly present. The summicron is definitely one of the latter.
I feel the same way about my Nikkor 50mm f/2 ai. Magical lens.