Just wanted to pop back for a quick update. Very long week but I finally got a chance this evening to try out the modification. It ended up being a little more work than I'd planned for but only because I took off a little too much material from the holder and so I had to patch a hole with a little high strength epoxy. It's done now and it fits the camera like a glove. I tried to take off about 1.5mm of material but ended up taking off probably a little more than 2mm because I'm exhausted and wasn't really paying attention to where I drew the line. I repaired my error which was an easy job thanks to my favorite kneadable epoxy. When all the cutting was done I found that the holder fit but the two sliding locks were still getting stuck just a bit so I took them off and sanded their edges a little thinner (sharper) and that solved that. So, now the holder is a little uglier but a lot more useful. Thanks all for chiming in with your thoughts and input. Now I'm gonna go make some pictures