I shoot with a Fuji G617 and LOVE it. It is really a love or hate type of camera to shoot with though. Some people find it opens creative doors, others find it too weird. The human eye sees in basically panoramic format, so there is a familiar quality to it when composing a shot.

If you get it, be sure it comes with a center ND filter. I can't emphasize that enough. It is almost pointless to buy this camera without the center ND filter, unless you like grossly vignetted images. Shooting in daylight and with black & white film is the only situation that I have found doesn't require the center ND. If you somehow manage to track down a separate center ND filter, you'll be paying about half as much as the cost of the camera, so it is worthwhile to be sure it comes with it.

Also, a ground glass can help for better composition and focus, and lining up graduated filters if you are doing landscapes. You can get a 2.5 x 7" ground glass for about $50.

Hope that doesn't scare you off. It is a GREAT camera to work with, and it is my favorite camera by far. It is built like a tank. The photos it creates are unique and fun to hang on your wall.