Here's last night's "Print Map".


The way this print map differs from my earlier ones is the thought process that led me to dodge. I had planned a straight print and was going to take it as-is.

The K-ohms notation are from my Jerry-rigged light sensor connected to an ohm-meter, lower readings correspond to brighter light output.

I made one test strip and found that 40 seconds was just not enough. So I made an additional "single exposure" test strip at 50 seconds (during which time the meter read 425, 420, 418).

The 50 second print looked good so I made an 11x14 at 50 seconds straight, no dodging (during which time the meter read 431, 423, 417, 415).

In the fixer, it was easy to see that important highlights were significantly hot, so I decided I wanted 2/3 stop more exposure overall (If it was just a little hot I would have made 1/3 stop change).

Since I was running out of seconds on my 60 second timer, I changed from f/11 to f/8 and set the timer to 40.

Then, looking at the fixing print, I noticed that two parts of the print... Upper left and most of the lower area... were close to what I want. Shadows could stand to be deeper, but not 2/3 stop deeper as I was giving the main exposure.

So I marked them for a 1/3 stop dodge (in the series it's 8 seconds dodge).

I checked the enlarger light one last time before making the final print and of course the bulb was warming up - getting brighter. So at the last moment I changed from 40 to 32 base exposure, and 8 seconds to 7 seconds dodging.