Is it really true that no one wants to discuss emulsion making any more? Photography has changed so much in the last five years it's staggering and the discussions here certainly reflect some of those changes. It's not just the technology, but also philosophy and some of the expectations we have for our craft. Those of us who started out when chemical photography was the only option might as well be from a different planet. That's fine. Same is true of just about any craft where digital has made big inroads. But, does that mean the handmade product has become alien? Hope not.

Anyway, I'd love to see meaningful discussion here again. Kinda strange when silly-season topics get an order of magnitude more discussion than actual emulsion making, but the withdrawal that some people are admitting to because LFF is down is both telling and encouraging. Seems to me there still are people who want to "talk real". Hope so.

It should be said, for those who might be new to APUG, or to chemical photography -- emulsion making (paper, film: sheet and roll, dry plate) has thoroughly left the realm of theoretical, and/or "primitive". The discussions can be about actual making and using, just as any other topic on this forum.