It is so encouraging to see the thoughtful responses. jorj: Excellent! Good luck (and hope you show and tell here.)

Bill: Actually, very little work has been posted here for quite a long while. And that, mostly liquid emulsion*. (*I've nothing against LE.)

Is it perhaps that we've moved beyond the current title of the sub-forum ("...making and coating") People don't feel that it's about the art of the materials?? Maybe don't feel free to share the inevitable warts and wrinkles of the learning process?? I'm fairly used to being set upon by the "it's not good enough and never will be" mentality of a few posters here. It can be intimidating for the less bold among us and the unfortunate paradox is that shy folks are very likely some of the best artists.

Ian: I was an albumen printer for years. A simple silver gelatin emulsion is MUCH easier than albumen - cheaper, too. Heck, a not-so-simple emulsion is easier than most "alternative" processes. The supposed complexity of emulsion making that has become part of the meme of this forum is perhaps part of the reason it never really gets off the ground (?? -- just a thought).

Bob: The way APUG has been going... I can't imagine anyone censoring you over talking about the negatives you use with your emulsions. I'd love to see what you'd do with good digital negatives and AZO-type paper. I'm going to be pushing the envelope that way myself because I'm pulling inkjet negatives into my color photography research.

MDR: I hope you're right!