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Perhaps now that the perceived existential threat to commercially available black-and-white films and papers has eased, maybe so has the panic? And with that some of the doomsday-driven interest in DIY at the emulsion level?

Lots of people have said that if doomsday ever came, they would just learn how to coat their own. But it now appears that doomsday never came. Not that there aren't lots of other valid non-doomsday reasons to do it. Just that the panic-driven one might now have subsided.

Just thinking out loud...

I think you're right, but for me making an emulsion or an alt process print is more than just a last resort if Kodak fails, it's another tool that helps me create a vision. Some images are better served with commercial emulsions and some with homemade stuff imo. I also believe that photographers should have a basic understanding about the tools they are using. Take painters quiet a few make their own paint, or potters that make their own clay or at least know a lot about the product they are using compare them to photographers and it obvious that photographers know very little about their medium.