I have only done E6 in a rotary and for me it is completely safe, but a bit boring to do. I use a JOBO processor, unfortunately only the CPE2 version and not the larger one with more bottle space for water rinses.

I don't know what processing kit you will be using but the latest from Jobo on their website suggests different 1st processing times for FUJI film and any other film not made by FUJI. I use a Tetenal kit and I give the 1st development 7.5 mins if I use FUJI and 6.5 mins for any others. (as per the Jobo guide).

The only certain other E6 film at present apart from FUJI seems to be the one marketed under the Rollie banner. Agfa Precisa has made a come back and as this is supposed to be reincarnated Fuji Sensia. I have processed two cassettes of this, one at the 7.5 min time and the 2nd at the 6.5 min time. I can say the 7.5 min time gave by far the best results with the other processing time the slides were more saturated but had a magenta cast.