Tourists definitely are not ripped off in Vietnam. The people are beautiful, the land too. It's the place to be with a camera or two (of three!).
My family is considering a return visit to Vietnam now; we last visited in 2003. Ha Noi was the memorable highlight, but the stifling heat bothered my sister and triggered her asthma. Speaking of conditions like that, take all medications with you into the country (with a note from Doctor what they are and why you take them); don't rely on street chemists to have any specialist medication that you may need.

I haven't seen much photography here in this thread of Vietnam, though I am inspired by the atmospheric sample posted by Richard S above. More recently my oldest niece went on a two week holiday to Vietnam, visiting Ha Long Bay but coming back with nothing more than awful iPhone pics taken amidst breaks in a typhoon! She spoke of the exotic French-flavoured eveningwear (she bought two vamp-red evening gowns for only a few Dong) that is popular in the classier establishments (eateries) of the city. My own record would have been of Nui Dat and the Mekong Delta two places I would like to see again. Also Som Doomg underground caverns.

I suggest the OP get hold of a Lonely Planet guidebook on Vietnam: this will surely fire the imagination and start the itinerary planning!