I have a CPP2 with the lift and a number of drums, I use it for most of my film processing now, both b/w and c41.

They are not "cheap", but you can get a CPP with accessories for less than 1500 usually. I paid 500 for mine with all the drums (plus a Leica V35) but that was because I bought from a fellow photographer who I have known for a couple years.

You can pour just about any chemicals through them (not photo-flo, or any other surfactant/wetting agent...they leave residue.), and the loading process is the same as any other tank, with the exception that the reels are slightly different than paterson reels (imagine a combination of paterson and stainless reels, except twice as easy).

Depending on the drum you can process up to 20x24 media.

They're great, if you have the room/cash for one.