Can't speak for all of them buy mine is a smaller unit, the CPE2+. It uses standard 1500 or 2500 Jobo daylight tanks which use reels to hold the film. The reels can be loaded with film in a darkroom or in a changing bag. Once the tanks are loaded they are similar to any other daylight tank, including your paterson. Mine is pretty small and there are larger ones but I can develop 35mm, 120 or 4x5 sheet film using Jobo daylight tanks.

The primary advantages are temperature control and reduced consumption of chemicals as a rule. They function using continuous agitation so development usually occurs quicker than using intermittent agitation.

I use mine primarily to develop c-41 color though it can also be used for black & white and e-6. The instructions are available on-line which will give you a pretty good idea how the systems work. Just google Jobo and Cat-Labs.

I personally like the looks I get with color development and it is pretty consistent as long as I use consistent times and chemical mixing.