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"I don't crop" as a photographic dogma is almost as offensive to me. That statement seems equally instructive about your personality in addition to the confession of foul and demeaning language to a curious stranger.

I have to admit though, it is a beautiful part of the world which I saw for the first time last year. Part of the trip was on a bus with a bunch of boorish, racist, ignorant, cashed-up bogan Australians...
I do not crop either...though I do not think I have ever said an unkind word to anyone approaching me when I am photographing...not even to the ones who put their little PS digital cameras right next to my 8x10 (I do need to restrain myself from suggesting that they need to put their camera directly over my lens for the proper composition.) So I am not sure of the connection between never cropping and being boorish.

Most Aussies I have met have been wonderful. I even married one, though that did not work out all that well in the long-term. I have noticed that two Aussies tends to lead to a party, but my sample has been traveling Aussies which might yield different results than with the ones who stay home.

I enjoy the educational part of being in public with an 8x10 or 11x14 -- especially dads who lift their kids up to look at the GG. But I have taught young kids photography and teach photography one-on-one at a university, so it is in my blood so to speak. But 95% of the time I see no one while photographing, as I am usually off the beaten track.