Wow! Thanks guys this is a lot of info. I think my impression of processors was a little different than what they actually are. In my brain I was thinking a small little machine that something at least a meter long and a meter high. Besides the obvious financial factor, there's a space factor, I usually developing my sink because I have no other space to do so.

However I have a small little machine with rollers on it that I received from an APUG member for processing cibichrome along with some cibichrome tubes.

If I'm not as worried about temperature lost during processing, would this be an acceptable option for constant agitation using my Paterson tank?

I know that's a little far from these kind of processors, but after looking at all of this it looks like it's way beyond my budget at this point.

I absolutely love cat labs, after their C-41 separate bleach and fix came out, I contacted them about an E-6 version and they've actually said that they're working on one! A 6 bath E-6 one, I'm very excited! Since I have so much film they offered for me to be a tester for it (still have to pay for the chemistry) since they are still in the beta test version, course doing it by hand doesn't give as accurate results as if I were to use a constant consistent processor.

If anyone happens to be upgrading and wants to make a deal let me know, unfortunately I've traded off all of the camera gear that I really really don't need anymore, and I'm left with just my favorites which I'm not sure I want to give up.

It always comes down to money, I recognize the value in buying the object, because once you have it unless it breaks down you basically don't have to spend anymore money and you're saving money and chemicals, I totally get that, but it's actually attaining the object in the first place that's tough for me right now, it took me a year to save and find a $500 TOYO45a so $1000 processor isn't something that's within my budget anytime soon and I don't want to let this film sit any longer, it is in my fridge so it's at least being kept cold but it's still been over a year with some of this film...

So anyway will that roller machine, it's just a tiny little machine that rolls the cibichrome tubes would that be an acceptable option temporarily. It obviously has no temperature control whatsoever, okay I just start with a higher temperature assuming that it will drop slightly in room temperature?

PS I apologize if some of the spelling is incorrect, I'm dictating through Siri with my iPhone.


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