Well folks

I tried the knife etching... Sad to say I am brutal at it... I am now trying to find a retoucher who can work in all three method like Rafal.

I know a wicked bleach retoucher, I know two fantastic spotters, but now I am looking for someone who can work on large film and also do the other methods.

I am not a bad spotter, and I can local bleach with swabs and brushes quite well, its just the fixing of hairs and and stuff that I do not have the patience.

Basically I think I am too high strung to knife with no fail safe option..
With spotting if you go to far you can always rewash and start again.

I better get a handle on this as I have a few monstor projects coming up over the next 10 years that will require any and all methods.

hey I know I can scan the negs , fix in PS and make inkjets.. now there is an idea, I wonder if anyone has thought about that.