I am looking for a strangely coloured Positive.... In the 80's when I mangaged a E6 lab, this was all the rage for fashion with some very lovely results.
I am really into solarization and how it works with colour and BW, this massive push effect really messes up the colour pallette and different C41 films will give
different effects.

All my colour work now and in the future**personal** is going to be tri colour pigment prints over pt pd, I am making a rather large collection of images to work in this process.
I am aware that it will take me years to get perfect colour balance prints, so rather than fight it , I have made images less than perfect in colour / contrast which will allow me to work away and play without the snobs looking at my balance and say *** hey I can do this better colour on my inkjet paper*** which would then force me to reply ***go f... yourself*** .
I have purchased camera film and ortho film off different sources and have proven to myself that I can make separation negatives for the colour and also pretty wicked pt pd base negatives... Using old style registration systems and NuArks with pigments I plan to go to hog heaven and make colour prints till the day I die.

If you go to www.patersoncarnie.ca and look in the colour section of my side of the site you will see where I am going.. The prints are a bit less saturated than what you see on screen...

These C41 in E6 images have this look , but I can control the colour pallette and be complimentary to what I already am working on. My next shooting sessions will be guitars dipticked together by using an old Graflex which has been juried rigged with two lenses, so I get doubles, which is in my still life metal series.

I have a Fuji Account and can have E6 chemicals in here tommorow but before I do that I am interested in hearing what others are doing and any hints before I start.



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I do E6 in a CPP2, but I've not tried it for cross-processing; there's a section in my FAQ that explains how I do it (including prewashes, etc), but it's not much more than following the (Fuji 5L kit) instructions with some recommendations gathered here from PE etc.

What's your reasoning for using E6 instead of C41 to do your massive push? Do you still want a negative, or are you aiming for a strangely coloured positive? Were you planning on using E6 CD as the only developer, followed by bleach+fix? I'm not sure what the activity level of E6 CD is nor what would be a good processing time for it as first dev since it's designed to run approximately to completion. Colours will be strange, what with it being CD3 instead of CD4.