Folks, With all the interest in cooking over the past 30 years, it is now impossible to go out to eat and find a restaurant able to serve what we can make at home for 1/4 the cost..... It's a lot more planning and work, prep thru clean up.... Same is true for emulsion making and like cooking, the more you do, the better & faster you get. Of course we won't starve, because it's not food, AND we CAN just keep using film, now that it's clear it will not die. Think of it as brain plasticity training, now that science has made it clear, if you don't use it, you lose it... I'm having a very interesting time learning calotype (checkout the calotype society on flicker) which is not for the faint hearted. Carbon is the visual opposite in image quality & wet plate somewhere in between if you print in albumin with the glass wet plate. The added learning that comes with the exposure to the history of the times when a particular style you may be interested in was being practiced is clearly a bonus, especially if you like to get decked out in period uniforms and gowns.... It costs a few bucks to get started, but in the long run, less than LF & ULF once a year with Ilford ($ching-$ching, due to buying for a year) Kodak ($$$) and to a lesser extent Acros and now Adox is back.. The more of US that do honest to goodness hand made work the more the market will grow ($$$ in our pocket) and the more interesting people in the field there will be to share information with.... It's a shot in the arm waiting to happen for all areas of photography. Even digital if you wish to mix ... there's room for all the varied purists to play well with others. Thank you Light Farm, Ostermans, Sandy, Artcraft et al, and to those about to become a part of a slow growing sand-box of fun.