I'd suggest getting the Fuji 5L kit (if they stock it locally) and giving it a bash. Since you have a CPP3, not much is going to go wrong if you follow the instructions. Since your end result is going to be non-standard anyway, I suspect that any little subtleties of running traditional E6 that we could maybe tell you are not really going to be relevant.

Something you might want to play with is changing the pH of the CD step. That gives you hue shifts with E6 film, with the axis of the shift depending on which film you use. I think most Fujichromes shift along the blue/yellow axis with pH and the Kodaks do something else. Might be interesting, but it is a global hue shift rather than the subtle realignment of colours you get with cross processing.

Have you considered using Digibase film? It's C41 with a clear base, no orange mask. Might make a less-obviously-crazy positive but still with some clearly unusual colours. And there's that recently-released Lomo fake-IR stuff which has the green-sensitive dye coupled to the wrong channel; might be even more (?) interesting if cross-processed.