As a printer for others who constantly is putting images on gallery walls, my interest is to make hand made colour prints that will have the ability to achieve a level of permanence that current inkjet and RA4 technology could only wish to achieve.
Its the reason why I have one of few large commercial wet labs in Canada.

Also I think the prints look pretty cool...

The more this envelope is pushed the marketplace will have to take archival issues into their buying practices. I am changing my complete business model to push these historical prints.

I only cringe to think the damage that has been done with the current crop of art stars placing inket an RA4 into the hands of collectors with huge influence
and legal friends.

These types of prints do have a very limited lifespan and I believe its only a matter of a few years before we start reading up on the lawsuits that start happening
worldwide...... here is and example.... FIDDILE STICK, STOMPWINDER AND FLUXMATTER LAW FIRM HAS JUST SUCCESSFULLY SUED JAMIA/FLAVOR OF THE MONTH ART STAR FOR 50 THOUSAND EUROS.... due to complete collection of dye coupler prints fading off their walls..

Its only a matter of time..