Makes sense , I will set the temp up a degree or two as well. The new CPP3 is pretty good at keeping the temp up so I will need to play with this a bit.

But as you say if you are consistent, and you see where I am going with it , just keeping things the same will work.

How about Expert drums and quantity of chems.. also I plan to really push the development stage up to 4 stops so what about exhaustion issues of the developer? I am thinking of a two stage developer to compensate for the huge push.

A 4 stop push is what was required on a Refemana to get the look I am after btw.

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bob, the little graduates (which I use for rinses only) don't get up to 38 degrees if the machine is set for that. I imagine that the temp in the drum doesn't get to 38 either. As long as you always use the same temp, you'll get consistent results. I have guts from an old cpa that I mounted into a cooler that I use for heating things up as well since I don't have a thermostat controlled faucet.
I mix my chems, put the 1 liter bottles into the machine, and fire it up for about 2 hours to get everything up to temp.