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I'm interested in trying Super Prodol. How much would it cost?
Hi James,

I hope that it's cheaper than Japan Exposures http://www.japanexposures.com/shop/index.php?cPath=23
Otherwise I will not be doing this.

I should also correct myself, Microfine only comes in 5L packets. SPD comes in 1L, 5L and 20L packets + 10L replenisher which I have no idea how to use.
I really hope to keep it under $9 per litre. The bigger packets and SPD would be cheaper. It all depends on the shipping prices.
If it's more than $9 per litre, I will not bother doing it. Since I'm going there again in January and I will pick up some stash then. If few people will be still interested then, I can pick up some as well. But not a lot, since I'm going snowboarding and my bags will be very full and heavy as they are.

If I pick it up myself it would be around $6.20 for Microfine 1L (78cents per roll), $5.20 for SPD 1L (52cents per roll), $16.20 for 5L (32cents per roll) and $46 for 20L (works out about 23cents per roll). There's also 10L replenisher at $36 and it can process around 5000 rolls. I have no idea how to use it, after all, the instructions are in Japanese, it's also for machine processing. One last thing, the prices would depends on the currency exchange at that time too.

As for the prices now, it would be the same as above + cost of splitting shipping between everyone. Also if you are in different city, I would have to charge extra for postage there. I guess if few people are from Melbourne, I could just post it to one person there and they could distribute it to reduce postage costs.