BACKGROUND - I am the son of a retired pro shooter. As a kid I spent countless hours in my father's dark room as his youthful assistant. That was a long time ago. My career path went outside of photography, but I've reached an age (58) where I have time to rekindle and pursue this passion. For the past few years I've been shooting various Canon DSLR's (7D, 1D4, & 5D3). While my digital shooting has been fun, it is not as rewarding and satisfying as I had hoped. I have a strong yearning to pursue black and white image-making and I want to start shooting film again. I've determined to begin with a medium format camera and I am extremely fond of the 6x6 format. In addition, my wife is a 1st generation Swedish immigrant. Accordingly, it would appear that I have no choice but to become a Hasselblad shooter. My medium photography targets would primarily be photographed from a tripod and long exposures will sometimes be employed.

Based upon my research of APUG and a few other sites, I intend to obtain and start this endeavor with a 500C/M chrome body, A12 back, and 80mm f/2.8 Planar lens.


1. Is there a particular 'vintage' of Hasselblad bodies that is better than others? I've read that the workmanship of the 1970's - 1980's is excellent.

2. Is there a particular series of lenses that would be preferred for my intended use? While I think the chrome lenses look marvelous, it is my understanding that any of the C/CF/CB/CFi/CFE series lenses will work on the 500C/M.

3. Are there certified Hasselblad repair facilities in the southwest USA that can provide reliable CLA and repair services? I live/photograph in Arizona.

4. Any thoughts on eBay Japanese sellers as a source for my intended purchases?

5. What am I missing or forgetting to ask before I take the plunge?

Thanks in advance for your help and generous counsel.