I've been making emulsions for a couple years now. Started with a workshop at Eastman House, making a simple Azo-type paper.

Having "caught the bug", I've been slowly building a lab so that I can pursue the more technically advanced preparations. Although a decent emulsion can be made simply with minimal equipment - pursuing higher speeds, spectral sensitivity, latitude, good LIK etc., does require some $$ chemistry and equipment.

Along with copious amounts reading (both old and newer technical information), experimentation, and the disposal of significant amounts of money (by my standards), I've had some great successes, and many failures.

Ron (PE) has been very supportive: advising on technical matters, hand-holding, and saving me from racing down the wrong path.

Unfortunately, there has been a history of "pissing matches" regarding emulsion work on APUG: unsubstantiated technical claims, dismissal of advanced techniques/chemistry as being "unnecessary", and often, a bizarre bias against anything related to EK. For this reason, I've taken the majority of my discussions off-line.