If you can possibly find yourself a truly dark area for loading then I'd suggest not bothering with the bulk-loader. Things go much more quickly, you don't have an exposed 'tail' of film at the cassette and you can measure out your 64 1/2" between two nails in a piece of wood, or pegs in holes on your workbench etc. If you have a flat surface to work on then a piece of masking tape and couple of hardback books, or a pair of beanbags, will be fine for keeping the bulk roll under control. I used to load cine-film (only from 200' reels though) crouched in the loft, at night, using an old door as a work-surface - it was only later that I discovered bulk-loaders existed and then there seemed no reason to change a successful method.

Edit: I'd be curious to know if the XX is on centre-cores, open sided reels or daylight-load reels (solid sides).