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Unfortunately, there has been a history of "pissing matches" regarding emulsion work on APUG: unsubstantiated technical claims, dismissal of advanced techniques/chemistry as being "unnecessary", and often, a bizarre bias against anything related to EK. For this reason, I've taken the majority of my discussions off-line.
Your last paragraph need addressing, it's not that there's a bizarre bias against EK rather that some here think that was the only cutting edge company. Ilford were way ahead and so were Agfa in terms of B&W emulsions and chemistry until the 1980's. And then it's conveniently forgotten that much of Kodak's cutting edge research took place outside EK at Kodak Ltd, Harrow.

I rarely post on emulsion making here despite having over 10 years commercial experience because there is such a heavy bias towards one persons work which skews threads into there's only one way.

There's many way to skin a cat There's different approaches which can give near identical results as I learnt for myself when I worked with an Ilford emulsion for a short time (early 1980's) alongside our own emulsion.