A number of local groups exist or have come and gone through apug over the last 10 years, that consisted of local photographers meeting together for various purposes. Much of the time it is just camaraderie, but often it is to go out and take photographs, or to get together and share work. I am interested in the latter.

A few days ago, I was having lunch with a handful of local photographers who form a loosely organized group – one that is based on their common interest in using large format cameras. I do not use sheet film, but am allowed to tag along. (Apparently, my “mini cameras” provide comic relief.) They get together mostly to go out and shoot, but occasionally meet to go see an exhibit (as was the case this time).

I proposed the idea of having a periodic meeting to share and view prints, and it seemed to be met with interest. The logistics are to be worked out, as the devil is always in the details.

To this end, I would be interested in others’ experience with such get-togethers: when and where you meet (type of venue, not necessarily the specific place), how many do you usually have, what is the format of the meeting, how do you communicate and advertise the meeting, etc.

Thanks for all input!