Your situation may not be as grim as you think! "Polder", here on APUG, has been making wonderful progress with emulsions in Germany. He has written a number of articles for TLF (all of which I have enjoyed immensely) but one in particular might be useful to you. http://www.thelightfarm.com/Map/Inde...emicalList.htm

You are an amazing and eclectic artist. I can imagine you'd like to try ALL of the processes someday. I wish you all the luck in that, but would it be OK if I hope you declde to do more silver gelatin emulsions? The portrait made on a simple Br paper you posted a short while ago was stunning. Don't listen to the voices that say an emulsion has to be more complicated than the one you made. (Ian: please note that I said doesn't have to be, not shouldn't be.)