Indeed there are many ways to skin a cat. Ilford, Agfa, Polaroid, Fuji, CIBA and a host of others have all been key players in raising the bar of photographic chemistry. In strange way, EK is a easy target to be labelled as having some sort of "industry arrogance", much in the same way that people target Microsoft.

Oh well, I'm just trying to gather information, cram it into my skull, and hopefully use it to further my emulsion projects.

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Your last paragraph need addressing, it's not that there's a bizarre bias against EK rather that some here think that was the only cutting edge company. Ilford were way ahead and so were Agfa in terms of B&W emulsions and chemistry until the 1980's. And then it's conveniently forgotten that much of Kodak's cutting edge research took place outside EK at Kodak Ltd, Harrow.

I rarely post on emulsion making here despite having over 10 years commercial experience because there is such a heavy bias towards one persons work which skews threads into there's only one way.

There's many way to skin a cat There's different approaches which can give near identical results as I learnt for myself when I worked with an Ilford emulsion for a short time (early 1980's) alongside our own emulsion.