While not a Hasselblad user (yet!), it's worth remembering that millions and millions of photographers published their exquisite works in coffee-table books shot entirely with the stalwart combination of a 500C/M and 80mm Planar. And the astute-minded analogue photographers looking for enduring quality, I would say this combination still rules many, many decades after it was first introduced, and it's far cheaper to get hold of than in its hey day when a kit would easily bankrupt the family. I will acquire a Hassy kit one day, probably a 503CW with 45 viewfinder and 80mm. Importantly, and irrespective of how many have owned a 500C/M body before you, it is a solid piece of photographic history that has risen above the ordinary to reach the legendary, something that will never, ever go out of style so long as there is film to put in it.