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Don't mean to butt in here, bur for those interested, the current prices at Yodobashi are 330 yen for a 1L package of Microfine. Super Prodol is 260 yen (1L), 810 yen (5L), and 2280 yen (20L). I have a few packages at home myself, but still haven't used them as I am working through my diminishing stock of Rodinal. Once that's gone, I guess I'll go over to Fuji since their chemical products are so much more abundant and cheaper than Ilford and Kodak (both of which I still currently use -- old habits break hard). The only problem with Fuji products (chemicals, paper) is that there is no English-language support, although the charts are clear and obvious enough to understand.
Hi Mooseontheloose, Sounds like you can get them cheaper than my gf, she's in Yamagata at the moment, so we are not talking Yodobashi here. Can you ship the stuff to Australia and how much would it cost? I could send you a bottle of rodinal in exchange