Well here's where my thoughts have been, love TriX and shoot it in MF. \
Haven't shot HP5 for a couple of years, but when I did, I was just starting learning how to develop, so been thinking that maybe I really didn't give it a chance. So I ordered two rolls of HP5 in 120 MF, and got them today.
Concept.. Ive done this before... to test a smaller samples of large format film, without going through the expense of the larger image. It takes a more than a few shots to find out the parameters of your developing. At least for me.

Now, this is where I may leave most of you,,, ;-) sliced up the first roll into 10 individual strips. Yep they curl.
Placed one in my 6x6 120 back for the Speed Graphic.. will shoot these individually, and test develop.
Will see how these do,, ...