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No but you did mention manipulating micro-contrast

This was Geoffrey Crawley's offering on the terminology back in 1960/61 in his series of articles on Developers in the British Journal of Photography:

" Sharpness " -the overall impression of a print or projected image, measured scientifically as "acutance ", seen from normal viewing distance.

" Definition " -the extent to which fine detail is recognisably rendered in a print, etc. When acutance of fine detail is good, then definition is good.

" Acutance " -the contrast at the edge of significant detail, a scientific measurement of the density gradient at that point.

" Resolving Power "
-the scientific measurement of the actual fineness of detail recordable by a lens, film, or developer, or any combination of these three.

Missing from that list is tonality as it's quite different, but essentially controlling development to get the best possible negatives with the tonal range you require to print from helps to improve or prevent the loss of fine detail which is controlled by localised micro-contrast, and in theory that fine detail can be described in the above terms.

However I fully understand that your own technique is about controlling the tonal range rather than improving sharpness & acutance, that comes as a naturarl consequence.

Thanks Ian for sharing Crawley's terminology from some years ago, as I know the negative and image which I posted with this response I believe 3 of the 4 terms contained in Crawley's observations are present. What struck me most when I first saw this negative was the taller buildings far off in the background, the detail and Micro Contrast around the small windows and also the Verizon logo was something which I had never seen from a conventionally processed negative.

"Resolving Power" from Crawley's terminology, from my logic is not so much about the Process of Development as it is a product of a Pyro base developer, the tanning effects and hardening of the gelatin very early in the development progression. These are all characteristics of a Pyro based developer and regardless of Dilution or Agitation will always produce negatives of higher acutance. As I stated in an earlier post, it is the combination of several small gains or traits when joined together yield a significant result in the Process. Hence the off hand comment of Magic Bullet, there are so many factors at work here all impacting the only real interest I have, to control and manipulate Micro Contrast.

The image is a raw scan from 2005 when I first gave a workshop on this process down in the Washington DC area.

Please see this link for a lengthy discussion on the image and the process.