hey denise

id love to see more posts here about emulsion making and the use of liquid emulsions.
they are a lot of fun. as a university student i fiddled around with making emulsions
mind didn't come out very good, but i did manage to make one, but then was turned onto liquid light
which became my go-to for years.

ive been kind of stagnant since the spring .. and was coating glass and metal plates
as well as paper and doing some fun-stuff, but the summer rolled around and other obligations set in
so i put everything on the back burner .. maybe this fall+winter i will get back on the wagon i fell off of

not sure how much less expensive making emulsion from scratch is or might be, or even using it from a bottle,
but it is definitely a lot of fun seeing an image appear on something that was hand coated because a lot of the time
things change between uses as the emulsion ages or whatever
its really like the movie run lola run sometimes ...