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Swapping out a focussing screen on a 500cm is very simple. You can do it yourself in just a few seconds.
Thanks for the info Alan, I'm glad the swap is user friendly. My eyesight is good; however, I always welcome a brighter screen. While I'm not 6'6", I am 6'4". I'll be OK with the waist level viewfinder to start. The 45-degree finder certainly may be added in the future.

Point of clarification on the 500CM mirror creating vignetting problems with longer lenses. Am I correct in my understanding that the vignetting only occurs in the viewfinder and does not create image vignetting on the film?

Lastly, what $$$ ballpark should I be anticipating for a CLA on the body, 80mm Planar, and A12 back? I am planning on using a certified Hasselblad repair facility for the CLA.