Thank you for clarifying Rudeofus, I was not quite sure what you were saying!

For me it's a bit of fun to play with a developer like this. It's very simple and inexpensive to make, and I have a lot of very cheap Polypan F which I can abuse in all sorts of ways. I'm not temperamentally equipped for systematic research and testing, but I can manage it in short bursts.

So far as I can understand, EAA wouldn't have been intended as a pictorial developer, but the frames I do have that were developed correctly using it show beautiful sharpness, subtle tones and long scale. Remarkable really, as Polypan is about the cheapest film you can buy, and I'm exposing it at EI200 while it's nominally ISO50. Of course I am judging this based on inspection and negative scans, so there's no guarantee that it will translate to looking so good on paper.

Even at this level of underexposure, the developing times are very short -- 5 or 6 minutes at most (at 20C) so it is, as someone said above, quite "hot", which makes it slightly impractical for general use. Dialling in development times for "proper" film costing more than Polypan's ~50p/roll of 36 might prove rather expensive ...