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If you already have a motorized roller base then you can use the Jobo 1500 or 2500 series drums to do rotary processing. Works really well for me, I do all formats up to 4x5 and then I do larger sheet film in Cibachrome and Unicolor drums. I figure someday I might spring for a Jobo machine and when I do I'll have all the tanks and reels I need.

I think that a Paterson or other tank would probably leak on a rotary base, I think they're basically designed for inversion processing.
Hmm funny the inversion versions of JOBO tanks leak like hell on me, but my Paterson's never do, so I have such a bad view of JOBO equipment... I guess it's like buying a Honda and then looking at an Acura? I dunno, just had terrible experience with JOBO hand processors.

I've thought about trying out the roller machine that I have but I have perfected my hand processing for B&W work which requires sitting time, so it's sort of hard to consider constant agitation and have to figure out new times with all my film. And it doesn't submerge so color doesn't make much sense.

I'm surprised that the Cibichrome prints were ok to roll on that with no temp control.

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