nocturnal: a contact print is where you press the film and paper in a sandwich using a sheet of glass and expose it that way. The print is the same size as the negative - real hard to see for 35mm, but actually quite pretty on larger formats. A good practise to get into is to make a "contact sheet" of every roll of film you shoot. You cut the film up so that it fits into an 8x10 sheet of paper and contact-print the whole lot in one go. It will tell you a lot about how good your exposures are, etc.

An easel is a thing that holds your paper down in the enlarger; they have a couple of metal blades on the edge that hold the paper down and are adjustable so that you can make different sized prints. If you want to scan your prints, then print to 8x10" or maybe 8x12" as that's about the largest size that a cheap scanner can accept.

If the uni club has equipment but no darkroom in which to use it, you should definitely make them an offer for some of it. They may be very glad to reclaim some storage space and/or see it go to someone who will use it.