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Unicolor also made a film processing drum to be used with their roller motor base. The drum is adjustable in capacity and can hold about 6 35mm reels. The plastic reels are proprietary (not Paterson-compatible) come in 35mm and 120 flavors (not adjustable). I haven't used mine yet because I hardly ever have several rolls of the same kind ready for developing all at once.
Yea I think the motor base thing is a unicolor. I know I posted a picture of it somewhere on here but can't find it.

And thanks John, good idea with the bucket idea for leaks.

I've just never done rotary so I'm a little unfamiliar with it all. It's "scary" and new.

If it weren't so pricey it wouldn't be so bad, but I shoot 35mm, 120, and 4x5 (not to mention 116/616 and 70mm as well as 127...)...

So I need separate inserts/drums for each is what I'm hearing.

Plus as I mentioned the only space is my sink, I can STORE the machine in the basement but certainly can't get any drainage down there so that doesn't work.

What's killing film is all these extra things, it's fun and cheap to get started in B&W, $100 gets you everything you need to process 100 rolls... But then there's color, and it becomes insane...

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