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Even though they have the advantage of being in the Channel Islands and not having to charge 20% VAT, their prices these days are often much the same as mainland suppliers. They talk about Kodak prices being more competitive than Ilford's, which is surprising, as with black & white film I've always found Kodak dearer than Ilford. Fortunately there are lots of alternative sources for film of all brands.
7day shop are no longer located in the Channel Islands, they, along with many others from both Jersey and Guernsey moved when the U.K. Goverment changed the rules and now evrything sent to the U.K. from the Channel Islands must now pay the VAT. I believe that 7dayshop re located to Luxenborg to avoid the payment, as did most firms, they may still have an ofice in Guernsey, but nothing is exported from there now, as regards Ilford, it is old news, it first came up last year, they claim that Ilford film is too expensive, and Harman will not do any sort of deal with them, I have never and would never deal with them, prefering to deal with Silverprint in London as not only were they cheaper than 7dayshop but anything I ordered is delivered quicker, a friend used to deal with them and it took 7 days to arrive, bearing in mind at that time Guernsey is only next door, a sister island, and from Silverprint it takes a max of 2 days.