Henrys - once a great shop.
Now a crap shoot, even when shopping in person.

My last interaction there was about 5 years ago when I dropped in to buy c-41 120 roll film at their Oakville location. Yes not the downtown store, yes had product I wanted though.
Did not have a full brick that I asked for , and stung me almost $9 a roll selling me indivudual rolls foil packed broken out from a brick.

That spurred my first B&H mail order. Safer to mail order for me from them.
When I set foot there when visiting NYC I wanted to buy everything I saw there, and that is saying a lot of stuff.

For Toronto and the more personal approach for those in the west end, try Film Plus.
A smaller shop, with Guy and maybe three usually working photographers working to supplement income also there as employees.
A few are still very keen film users.

Yes, the location is a bit out of the way to drop in on, but they make a reasonable effort to support b&w.

Their main push is a as a rental house for camera and lighting and grip gear.
Not a huge pool, so if your heart is in getting a bit of gear when you drop by to try out, call ahead to book it, and it will be ready to go.
Good weekend gear rental rate, too.