I used to be a big Henry's shopper.
Used to.

I loved the folks at the Oakville Store, always friendly, many of the CSRs knew me by name, even could spell my last name without asking, and knew my phone number. When you're dropping off film and picking it up (twice a week) for a year, you get that. They would bring stuff in without any sort of question, back lash, or pushiness. They'd be honest when something wasn't in stock. Even the manager called me "The Film Guy" in fact I met Bill Smith in the parking lot of that store.

Then the lab they used to process film closed. So I started looking for new labs (settled on Burlington Camera and Toronto Image Works). But they would happily keep me loaded up with film, but soon even that became harder so I switched to Burlington Camera and the Film Photography Project to keep my stores up. I then moved to a new office, in Mississauga. I needed some film before the weekend and wasn't able to get to Burlington Camera so I figured let's just call the Henry's here in Mississauga, it's close to where I work and they should be able to get the film into the store before Friday. I picked some simple items, 5 rolls of Kodak Ektar 100 and 2 of Tri-X in 35mm. When I call them up, I get this. "Kodak Doesn't make film anymore" "Excuse me, yes they do." "Well then they don't make that film stock anymore" "Um...fine, I'll live without ordering from you, and get it from a place that knows their stuff."

Yep, bye-bye Henry's. It's sad because the people at the Oakville Store were wonderful! I will have to go back and see if any are still around and say hi.