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You can't seriously be saying that shooting 100 rolls of C41 and E6 based color films without creating and sticking to a budget is killing film? When Christopher Burkett paid for his last batch of Ilfochrome, some 8,000 square meters, he had a budget....you need a budget. If after creating a budget for color you find you can not afford to process the film, then you can not afford to shoot color film.

I would just send it off to a good lab in batches when you can afford it if you can not afford to do it right, because ultimately, what is the time you spent shooting it worth if you were to screw up the processing? Heck, I have a CPP2 and can run color but have no interest in doing so, I am a photographer, not a lab enthusiast....
You're right, I have no budget, certainly not for color, but I would rather shoot some beautiful color images and eventually get them processed then not shoot them at all.

I have the budget to process some color film, it's the TIME that's killing me because hand processing 2 rolls in a warm tub at my sink when other people in the house need to use it (at every friggin hour) except from 11pm to 5am... So I process by hand overnight when I can afford the time and stay awake...

Now I know I would still have to be there to use the processor, but my arms wouldn't fall off and I could get a lot more done faster and with apparently less chemistry.

So, since you don't use that processor, you can just give it to me then right? LOL

Thanks Dan, as (almost) always you're absolutely correct, I need a more deliberate budget.... But being an actor and photographer and that's it, the income is sporadic and doesn't leave much room for budgeting. Hopefully soon I'll move out of the acting game and back to banking, then I will be able to budget for sure!

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