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Ian - just out of curiosity why did you choose Pyrocat vs a Pyrogallol or a Pyrogallol-Metol developer such as WD2D/(H) or PMK? As you know Phenidone-Catechol is a somewhat different animal.
I think it was because of very good reports about Pyrocat on this forum (not long after I joined) and the level headed way that Sandy King writes about it. I did consider PMK but I had everything I needed on the shelf for Pyrocat. Sodium Metaborate has never been as widely available here in the UK compared to the US although Kodak Ltd used to sell it, I always made my own from Borax and Sodium Hydroxide.

In addition I was already using a Pyrocatechin re-developing toner (Ilford IT-8) so was aware of the staining effects, and I'd also used the Windisch Compensating developer and the US version of the same Windisch developer (which was a mistake where the weights of Sulphite and Pyrocatechin were transposed).

Another reason for choosing Pyrocat was that Pyrocatechin is itself a fine grain developing agent on it's own or in combination with Metol, Phenidone, paraphenylene diame etc.