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Hello, If anybody has any 127 film to spare, I'd be interested in buying. I just acquired a Yashica 44 and my 5 rolls of 127 Efke Pl 100 aren't going to last very long.

Shipping would be to Montreal, Qc, Canada, H4A 2R2.

Here's a quote from AG's web site in the UK.
"Made by Agfa Gevaert in Belgium, Rollei Colour reversal films CR200 and Crossbird are classic colour reversal (slide / transparency) films at a very competitive price. Coated onto a clear polyester base, films should be handled carefully and in subdued light when being loaded. Supplied in a handy plastic container - keep films in this container before use and before processing. Crossbird is aimied at photographers who want to cross-process in C41 colour negative process. The only 127 film available in colour."