People skills are critical. A friendly, engaging, sincere and slow approach. Street photography of people in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and in many, many other places in Vietnam for example is easy, fun and the people themselves are engaging with and love it, but always talk to them, shake their hand, perhaps even buy something from them, at least talk with them. This is the same for anywhere you are, but your first task is to instil trust and sincerity; people are right to question your motives — what are you going to do with their image? And why? he world is a very different time and place from 40 years ago when street pics was easy and carefree. Ubiquitous and thoroughly shit-annoying phone-cameras are the new norm in bad manners and appalling presentation; I can snap angrily if there is a phone flashing or ringing near my table in a restaurant; I'm sick of the bastards and their rudeness. We photographers, the real deal if you will, have more class and street-cred than this. Keep trying, but always give the impression, "I'm your friend".