I do everything in my Jobo (B&W, C41, E6, B&W prints, RA4 prints). Sure there are differences due to continuous agitation but they're pretty minor and I doubt there are many people who could tell the difference between an inversion developed and rotary developed negative even side by side. It's only in extreme cases (multi-hour stand processing) where it becomes important.

In my case of course, cost is a big driver. It costs me about $1/roll for C41 and $4/roll for E6 in chemistry to run my Jobo vs $10 to $15 at the lab. My Jobo pays for its whole purchase price ($600) every year on that basis of comparison. And when I develop B&W, I use less than half as much Xtol (100mL vs 250mL to cover a 120 roll at 1+1) and I can develop 6 rolls at a time instead of maybe 2 - the time savings are immense. And arguably, time is your biggest cost; $5 for a roll of film is irrelevant if you have to spend a whole hour processing it!

Stone: since you have a rotary base already, I suggest you get a cheap 2553 and 3 of 2502 spirals and use them on your roller. It won't leak, and you can do 6 at once! If you end up buying a Jobo for the temp control, you'll have an extra tank to use with it.