Funny how things turn. I remember the first time I went to Henry's - it would have been April of 2005. Between the outlet store and the main store it was a film photographer's paradise. I phoned my wife back home in Saskatchewan from inside the store and chuckled and she said "You found Henry's, didn't you?"

The outlet store is gone (or moved maybe) and the main store is still fun but the darkroom section is a tiny shadow of what it once was.

B&H is still pretty fun to visit. I've been twice, in 2008 and last June, and it was pretty special. It probably always will be.

Beau Photo is excellent. I haven't been in five years but it was exceptional then.

Incidentally, for those Canadians near the US border who are worried about US shipping to Canada, consider renting a USPS post office box. I recently got one in Raymond, Montana and it has saved a lot of my shipping woes. I drive down about once a month or so to pick up my packages. Raymond is such a small town, the postmaster has no problem with keeping my packages for a few weeks and has promised to email me if I'm overstaying my welcome.