In my experience, shooting a lot of amateur-models and usually doesn't have a MUA, the girls themselves want processing done (albeit with a natural looking result). I will not even think of the reactions if I start to leave in pimples, blemishes and dark rings below the eyes for example.

Usually I also get requests if I can "push in this" and "fix that" before the shoot even starts. (typical bellies, butts and thighs)

Personally I like a natural, lightly-processed shots where the blemishes in the face are fixed and the body is left alone. But I do know that the girls I shoot gets total brain-lock if they see some (normal) wrinkle or body fat that they aren't satisfied with.

Women are their own worst enemy it seems that most grown men actually prefer women with natural looks and the body fat that us supposed to be there. (Healthy women are supposed to have about twice the amount of body fat than men, it will naturally bend and buckle during posing).

Besides, what will happen when that magazine starts pushing out "perfect" models with no shopping done......what will happen to the body pressure that younger women tend to get hung up in?

These days at least, one can say "yeah, but the shots are manipulated". If the magazines start to use naturally thin women or women with "hard bodies" from a lot of training, exercise, special genes and a strict food regiment.....what will then happen to the pressure-factor?