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No, not at all but I suggest having an open mind when it comes to Pyro developers, I was highly sceptical until I tried Pyrocat. A friend had tried to persuade me to try a Pyrogallol based developer about 10 years earlier but I was very happy with my developers. In hindsight I wish I'd tried Pyro devs earlier.

I wouldn't be using Pyrocat if I didn't think it had benefits over my previous developers.

I'm open to trying them Ian.

I have WD2D+ on hand that I play with here and there. I tried some Rollo Pyro a while back too and I do have negatives that I like from each of these developers, but they haven't proven any easier to print or better for me than companion shots done with Xtol, D-76, or DD-X.

I've found that with at least WD2D+ and Rollo Pyro, it's also a lot of work to get things right for each film. Steve's description above is a good reinforcement of that thought.

It seems to me that I have to be more careful shooting, developing, and in which films I choose. For example I found Delta 100 actually worked quite nicely for me in WD2D+, I like FP4+ more though and it wasn't any better in the staining developers, wasn't worse either. For faster films though; HP5+, Delta 400, and 3200 I really find DD-X and Xtol are a better fit for me; in both the EI's it allows me to shoot at and in ease of printing.