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Well, here in Norway, the population is generally pretty healthy (although both sexes are getting fatter these days).

The problem over here, is that normal, slender and perfectly normal girls, want to have sixpacks.
When a person has a visible sixpack (Madonna's body), they have a fat percentage which is about 5%, while the norm is somewhere between 20-30 for women and 15 and 20 for men, AFAIK.

- Such a low fat percentage can, among other things, be linked to a high risk of Osteoporosis (brittle bone disease) when females pass the menopause.

(Here's a typical chart) http://www.builtlean.com/2010/08/03/...centage-chart/ )

There are skinny people and people who have a low-fat percentage, but this isn't really the norm.
If they plan to use normal people (average fat percentage) with no shopping, I would have no problem with the idea, but if they just start using people which isn't really representative, then IMO the idea of "no shopping" could do more harm than good.
You have a contradicting statement, people who have large muscle groups because of body building actually have a higher bone density because the bones actually harden more to support the increasing lifting weight.

If they are simply doing crunches that's one thing but body building abbs usually means they are also lifting heavy weights in other areas, despite their loss in body fat their bone density should be just fine.

It doesn't matter, we are all going to end up like fat blobs with no bones like in the kid movie WALL-E haha

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