hi geary:

you might think about pocket doors. i know the mega-home improvement stores always have "kits" to change regular doors into sliding doors ( that is if you have the room to slide a door).

another suggestion i have is to use gfi plugs. especially if there is water/sink &c. they are not hard at all to install, i think i looked at the dyi.com video tutorial when i installed mine, and that was pretty much overkill

i'm not sure if it is just concrete you will be standing on, but you might go to restaurant supply store and see if you can buy some of those 3 foot square rubber mats they use in kitchens. they are the ones with holes and they clean up really easy. i couldn't find any near me so i bought the square-foamy mats that do the same thing, but they are pretty lightweight, compared to the real thing. now, the store i bought them at sells the "holy mats" ... so when the chems / water makes the mats i have look "holy" i can relpace them without a problem.

looks great!